And don't tell me "Come on, you're young, life begins now and blah blah!".

I know very well that when it was your turn (and if it hasn't happened yet, consider yourself lucky and enjoy every minute) you suffered the same shock as me!

When you reach 30, something changes:

- 2 days of detox are no longer enough to lose 1 kg

- you resign yourself to the idea that henna doesn't cover white hair

- water retention becomes your Best Friend: the sincere, boring one that acts as a talking cricket but you know will never abandon you

- and, last but most important, the choice of the Perfect Bag is very similar to that of the Right Man

If up to the age of 29 the priority is to give the eye its share, with the arrival of the 3, comfort is king!

Let's be pragmatic: it's fine it's not Brad Pitt as long as you don't live with your mother yet, it's fine it's not a Chanel as long as it has a shoulder strap!


Life-saving, indispensable, indispensable, essential!

As usual, we took care of it!

It took us more or less 2 years, discarded dozens of prototypes, revised the colors and sizes but, in the end, we did it!

5 versions of the perfect shoulder bag:

- dark brown leather with golden hardware

- dark brown leather with silver metal fittings

- black leather with golden hardware

- dark brown leather with silver metal fittings

and, most desired by women all over the world, cowhide and gold hardware!

NB: it's not a Vuitton but it's designed for her!

Better than true love Vintagine indeed: True true love!

Waiting for a nice demonstration video, they are photographed in detail, published and available for purchase on our website or you can always contact US (on Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin.. even at home!)

You can tell we're excited about it???

We can't wait to show you why!

Spoiler: because if the existence of the Perfect Man is still a maybe, that of the Shoulder Bag NOW is a CERTAINTY!

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