Reading this article on a site that sells vintage bags, the question that may arise spontaneously is “Why should they write a guide to guide us towards the purchase of a bag, perhaps on other sites? Isn't that against their interests?” For us at VivoVintage the answer is that our real priority is that our readers and customers are able to find the bag of their dreams. We know how vast the world of selling used bags is, whether they are branded or not, and that is why our intention in this article will be to guide you in your future purchases. A very simple guide for buying used branded bags, made up of 8 points in which we have tried to condense the experience we have acquired, thanks to years and years of buying and selling used bags.


Try to always have the opportunity to check the actual value of the bag before buying. At VivoVintage, for example, we evaluate each bag according to three criteria: condition of the item (it is important that there are detailed and truthful photos of what you intend to buy), authenticity (if you buy a designer bag online, you can check that the actual brand is clearly visible and original) and, last but not least, the origin of your purchase. In fact, it would be counterproductive and dangerous to buy a used bag, even an authentic one, which however has some broken corners, perhaps not repairable, without even knowing where it comes from.


A feature that can be considered a real "alarm bell" on the reliability of the seller you are contacting is the possibility it offers you to examine and see live the bag you have purchased (every woman who buys a bag has the right to understand whether or not the famous love at first sight strikes). In addition to a pure "romantic" question, the guarantee of being able to send a purchase back is a real "shield" for the buyer, being able to check the quality of the purchased product with his own eyes (do you see how each point connects?) . On the other hand, the return guarantee is one of the great strengths of large companies such as Amazon, Zalando, and many others. For this and other reasons, we at VivoVintage offer our buyers the opportunity to return our products free of charge, within 15 days of purchase.


In an environment like that of buying and selling bags online, having a payment method that guarantees you both the refund and the security regarding the protection of your bank details is extremely essential. Paypal is the answer to this need, allowing you not only to get a refund in case of dissatisfaction with your purchase and consequent return, but also, much more important, not having to provide your bank details to strangers (as they say, trust is good, paypal is better).


Here we are at the fourth point of our buying guide, among the four seen so far perhaps the one that can potentially overturn your judgment. In fact, if you are not 100% convinced of the reliability of the seller you are contacting, the advice we give you is to always check the reviews that other users like you have left on the site you are buying from. Always read them, both the good ones and the negative ones, paying close attention in both cases that they are truthful (sometimes both competitors and the companies themselves leave reviews that can direct the customer's ideas). As in the "real" world, not all companies use these tricks and, maintaining a good level of attention, reviews can reveal a lot about what is behind the object being sold: the seller you will be dealing with promptly replies to your needs? How do you fix your mistakes? Do you actually deal in good quality products? Almost always, after reading the reviews (sometimes customers also attach photos of the product they received, allowing you to see how it would look in your hands too) you will be able to understand whether or not to rely on the retailer in question.


Asking for additional information about the bag you intend to buy online is a habit I hope to pass on to you, especially for one reason: sometimes, just by asking we can verify that what the retailer is telling us is plausible or not (eg “I bought this neverfull in boutique in 2017, with a datacode of 2009..."). As a rule I really prefer buying really second hand bags, signed or not, as they have only had one owner. Almost always the "original" owner of a bag is always the most meticulous and informed about the requested details (year, collection, cost) as well as the one who can allow you a more reliable verification of the aforementioned data. This little personal advice connects us to the sixth point of our guide to buying your used bag.


When you buy an authentic used bag from a private individual, never forget to ask for a sheet in which the seller you contact certifies that he is receiving money in exchange for that particular model of bag, as well as the fact that the bag is original. Originality is key, but provenance is no less so. A serious reseller will have no problem declaring these data to you in writing and, if they are not willing to give you this additional guarantee, it will probably be better to go ahead and look for a more "transparent" reseller. Don't be afraid to look heavy, you're spending on a bag, it's nothing but your right.


Connecting to the sentence with which we concluded the sixth point of our guide, ask for detailed photos of the bag you are buying! We as VivoVintage are the first to ask for photos of codes, writings, etc. but the authenticity of a bag, without it being in excellent condition, is useless for making a deal online. “But which photos should I request?” First of all, the handles, without a doubt, are usually the part of a used bag that wears out first. Secondly, corners, all four. Buying a cheap used "speedy" and then having a gruyere cheese arrive is a feeling we wish we could avoid. Another part to request in the photos is the one concerning the inside of the bag: are there any stains of any kind? Has the canvas been compromised? Always try to ask your dealer this question, along with the last but not least “Are there any flaws or imperfections that are not evident in the photos?”. To be more polite in your requests, just use the phrase "You know, I'd hate to send it back to you", this will facilitate the taking of numerous additional photos.


We are aware that buying a bag in an online store can often seem less convenient than buying a bag from a private individual. At the same time, the difference that can be found in the price is nothing more than the consequence of three factors: taxes, professionalism, but above all the fact that, by purchasing in an online store, you will be able to save yourself all the steps that we have explained to you today, as well to many others that we do daily. From here, the choice is up to you: are you willing to go through all these steps to save some money, without however having the certified security of the purchase of your used bag, or do you prefer that others do these steps for you and guarantee you comfort and tranquility in your purchases? In the first case, we are happy to have given you our experience, in the second we wish you a good purchase on

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