According to the Hungarian writer Agota Kristoff "it's no use being intelligent. It would be better to be blond and beautiful".
In fact I think so too but, if in addition to Blonde, you're also Smart: either you're an Alien, or you're ME, or you're Donatella Versace!
Born 2 times 33 years ago, May 2 flower of Reggio Calabria; sister of Santo, of Tina (who died small) but - above all - of Giovanni Maria: who went down in history as Gianni and of whom she was Musa/Guinea pig from always and forever.
Oxygenated on Gianni's whim in honor of the Rector when she was only 11 years old, forced to wear vertiginous heels (I say forced, but whoever knows the southern cobblestones is my witness and will be able to prove me right!) for the sake, perhaps, of being able to recreate, for /with and thanks to her, the dream of dressing women and more: to beautify them, embellish them, celebrate them, adore them... and make them invincible!
In short, just as he did with Donatella, who still doesn't have enough of discolorations and stilettos and, indeed, even finds them comfortable!
We could perhaps say that Gianni's greatest and most successful creation was his sister and it would be true but not entirely correct.
Donatella's true creator is and always will be HERSELF.
Behind the scenes by choice until life forcefully opened the curtain for her and Donatella, who had helped create that stage but was convinced she didn't want to tread it, fought back her tears and continued to stage the show VERSACE who had been so great that he risked falling together with his Emperor.
No one would have bet on it and instead Wonder Dona saved the Medusa and continues to keep her alive. Beautiful, opulent, shining!
It takes personality to be the sister, the sidekick, the conscience, the friend, the partner of a genius accustomed to being the champion.
It took courage not to give up, not to hide behind a "I'm not Him anyway and I can't do it!"
It takes charisma to be the face of your own brand and lend that iconic face to others!
As done for the competitor and friend Riccardo Tisci on the occasion of the Givenchy Autumn-Winter 2015/2016 season.
It took strength to get rid of the addiction to cocaine, to sell part of the company (which is also Memoria and Famiglia) and remain in charge of it, protecting and guaranteeing its identity.
It takes humility to dress Jennifer Lopez of the Jungle Dress sparking so many online searches to give life to Google Images and continue to draw inspiration from Instagram, young people and mere mortals.
How can you not love you Donatella?
Actually, how can they not love us???
Agota do you understand? You can be beautiful, blonde and even intelligent! And in September I turn 30 and who knows if Elton John and Lady Gaga don't think of giving a private concert for me too!
I'll keep you updated Vintage! In the meantime, write us on 346 7350973 to sell your luxury bags that you no longer use and visit the website to buy your next Bag of Dreams!
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