Get yourself a parrot, a talisman and a pair of violet eyes…

I'm back to Vintagina and, before even this idea blows my mind, let's put it on record that Vivo Vintage opens the vein of Women in Fashion!

Yes because we love Women, yes because we love Fashion, yes because we love gossip and love stories with murky details

and indeed


The article in question is forbidden to the pure in heart, to the good, to lovers of happy endings...

...and ENOUGH THEN I STOP otherwise, with these requirements, the first who can't read it is Angelo!

So make yourself comfortable, my friend (especially if you don't have a Discovery subscription) because I'll be the one to tell you Patrizia's story - turned into a drama - don't call me Reggiani, I want to be a Gucci!

The story begins when our Princess is only 20 years old but beauty, sinuosity and ambition galore, when she meets - obviously at a Party - her Prince with a double G: the handsome Maurizio.

Those present tell that a glance was enough to make the spark strike, that it was really Cupid who had a hand in it and it doesn't matter if villas, trips and boats as gifts were involved (even those hard not to love), Patrizia and Maurizio they really fell in love!

13 years of unbridled luxury, whims, demands.

13 years of pins hidden in pillows, spells and superstitions.

Patrizia does everything to keep her husband close but Maurizio leaves, with a suitcase that is too small and an even smaller excuse, and the beauty is left alone: ​​with two daughters to grow up, an empire to say goodbye to and only one fortune teller for friend.

Patrizia sentenced for being too strong, too greedy, too in love? Maybe just too much of something.

And then here comes the rancor, the hatred that poisons, the hatred that sickens.

Patrizia is desperately looking for eligible serial killers: she asks the lawyer, the butcher, just as she is looking for a waitress by the hour.

It takes 8 years and a brain tumor export until Pina Auriemma, the sorceress friend (who by her own admission knows little about cards and magic and believes less) helps her to put her intentions into practice.

We care little about truth and guilt, judgments and redemptions.

What is a fact is that Patrizia will spend 17 years in the Victor Residence - as she renamed the San Vittore prison - with the company of two ferrets, countless bottles of perfume and a garden to water.

Quiet years, still surrounded by opulence, still devoted to shopping ( "When there's money for me and my daughters, when there isn't just for me"-cit), still convinced that she is the one and only Lady Gucci.

"Not innocent but not guilty", as she defines herself, at the age of 70 or so Patrizia is free again: she is no longer the princess of the past, prison has transformed her into a witch.

And the Witch always wears lipstick and high heels, she wears a mean smile but her eyes are sad, she says she's fine, she's moved on but I don't know if I believe you Patrizia.

I didn't get a yacht for my birthday and my husband didn't leave me for a blonde younger than me, I don't have daughters who don't talk to me anymore and deny me an annuity (let's face it: stellar) and I don't wander around Milan with jeweled hands and a parrot on the shoulder.

But I'm convinced it's not a walk in the park Patrizia and then I'll settle you: for me you stay Lady Gucci and never mind if the real one, the one that is called that on the documents, has been the victim for years of this habit that becomes an exchange of identity.

Patience if your father-in-law thought you were just a social climber and for your friends of the time your bouquet was too big.

Patience if you didn't make fashion but you loved it, breathed it, lost it and then regretted it.

Your story is not finished yet Patrizia and we are waiting for it to be told again (by Ridley Scott in his next film) and, if I could, I would ask you ONE, BIG, ONLY question

and no, it's not "are you sorry?"

the real question is


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