Conviene investire in borse? La straordinaria storia dello Speedy Louis Vuitton

Is it worth investing in stock exchanges? The extraordinary story of the Speedy Louis Vuitton

In an era where everything increases, the value of our money decreases!
They call it INFLATION and it's a big problem!
Today, however, I will show you how it can be our ally when it comes to INVESTMENTS IN BAGS!
Well yes! Finally, to all those who told you that you were "throwing" your money in bags, you can tell that you weren't spending: you were simply "investing".
After all, the difference between "invested and in clothes" is just a space in Word!
Today, then, I will tell you about an asset in which to invest with your eyes closed: the SPEEDY Louis Vuitton.
But, before telling you how much it has revalued over the years, let's talk about history! He deserves.
Louis Vuitton's Speedy is one of the most iconic and loved bags in the world, known for its classic and timeless design.
The bag was created in 1930 by Gaston Louis Vuitton, grandson of the founder of the French fashion house, and was inspired by the shape of the suitcases used when traveling by train. Initially called the "Express", the bag was then renamed the " Speedy " in the 1960s to emphasize its practicality and versatility.
The Speedy is available in different sizes, from small to large, and is made in Monogram canvas (but not only), Louis' iconic fabric. The bag also has a zip closure and an adjustable shoulder strap in the style called Bandouliere, making it perfect for both day and evening. One of the main features are the classic handles in natural cowhide that are very light on the day of purchase but which darken with use without compromising the beauty of the precious trunk in any way.
Over the years the Speedy , while essentially remaining itself, has been capable of continually reinventing itself thanks to the contribution of artists and art directors who have somehow embellished its already fruitful ideal of cult object.
Over the years, the Speedy has become a true symbol of the glamorous and luxurious lifestyle, worn by film and fashion stars from all over the world. However, despite its fame, the bag still remains a practical and versatile option for women of all ages.
Today, the Speedy is still a must-have for those who love luxury fashion and want an iconic and long-lasting accessory. With its classic and timeless design, this bag will always remain an elegant and sophisticated choice for any occasion.

But let's get to the main topic!
Do you know how much a size 30 Speedy Monogram costs today?
A good 1180 €!!!
And it's by no means the most expensive in the family: the 35 actually costs €1,240!
The price of used cars has experienced a similar trend and in fact a used Speedy in excellent condition can cost around €900.
A figure that today may seem uncompetitive but which over the years, following the current value growth rate, could prove to be a real bargain.
It is not unusual, in fact, that many of our customers who have purchased this model from us in the past, have managed to recover the entire amount spent after a few years of use when they have re-proposed it to us.
Ok, I got carried away! Now I finally tell you how much the Speedy has grown in value since 2010:

Price Speedy 30 YEAR 2010 € 490
Price Speedy 30 YEAR 2020 €1180

You understood well! 140% more! In short, in an era in which everything loses its value, know that buying a bag is worth it! You can safely say that.
Now you want to know how much yours is worth? Propose it here: 3336834578

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Sono fantastici, cordiali e sempre disponibili, mi hanno reso felice tante volte, anni a dietro ho richiesto una borsa in particolare e hanno esaurito la mia richiesta. Mi fido in pieno di loro, vi ringrazio tutti della vostra professionalità…


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