In 7 years of experience we have understood one very important thing: the value of a used bag is determined by a series of objective factors , such as for example market demand, conditions, originality clearly, but also and above all by totally subjective , or rather the emotional value that binds us to it e the free time you have available to try to sell it .

Today I will tell you about this second factor. How much sand from your hourglass do you want to use to sell your old bag?

What we want to always distinguish us is our seriousness. We don't have big budgets to spend on advertising campaigns or famous influencers, so we can only count on us to try and sell our used bags. Before ascertaining the authenticity of the bags we are committed to being authentic with you when you offer us yours.

The first tip I feel like giving you is this: if you have a lot of free time (how much I envy you) I advise you to sell your bags yourself ! Strange isn't it? I go against mine interests ? Yes, but I prefer to be honest. If you are able to convey trust, reliability and if you know how to navigate a thousand channels where you can sell your used bags, you will undoubtedly be able to get a few tens of euros more than the offer we would make you. But at what price? I'll tell you mine.

Is it easy to sell your things online? Unfortunately not! After years of experience we still struggle and we still study day after day what might be the right way to find a new home for the bags you entrust to us. But if you have the most important resource, time, a mobile phone and you know how to use some apps, you will be able to get the results you want. Then good job. You won't find anything of interest in the rest of this post. So I won't waste your time (by the way).

For  all those who find it hard to carve out even a single second for themselves, I will explain why one of our proposals, in the end, will still be the cheaper.

To sell online effectively you have to open up to various promotional channels, respond (if the object has found its place on the market) to dozens of requests and very often, following a thousand requests for photos, measures and absurd price proposals, hear the phrase most hated of all: “I THINK ABOUT IT”. I assure you that this "phase" alone is worth at least 60 euros: the price of a session with a cognitive behavioral psychologist or a subscription to Yoga for a month.

Well, if you managed to conclude your negotiation now you'll have to talk about PAYMENTS! "Oh how nice" (you'll think) but you're wrong! The most delicate phase is about to begin. Buyers want two things: "references" and "secure payment methods". What does it take to get them? WEATHER. For the former it may take months before you have those reviews capable of transmitting serenity to those who buy from you, for the latter much less, but you still have to take more time to open a Paypal account, where you will be paid immediately, but you will be mistress of your money only after a few days, the weather that Paypal also trusts you.

Have you seen how long it takes to get to this point? Well, you're still halfway there. Now it's your turn to ship . In this case I'm sure I don't have to describe to you what it means to spend time looking for a box, go to the post office, take the number and wait your turn to finally be able to send your package.

If you are already tired, know that I have only described the tip of the iceberg of the online sale of used bags. There is much more that you will have to keep in mind: sending a track code, any return requests, because perhaps the bag in real life seems larger than in the photos (after you have taken the photos with the cm to reassure her about the real measurements) In short, the life of the online used seller is a life that I recommend to my enemies!

I'm going to close on this discussion on the "In Search of Lost Time" with an advertising stamp. I hope you will grant it to me. If you have thought that your time and your serenity are worth more than a few euros, recovered with great effort , write us on whatsapp here and send us a photo of the bags you want to sell. We will make you a proposal within 48 (working) hours and if we find an agreement, we will quickly organize the payment and collection.

I like to close with a quote from a guy a little more important than me:

“Time is relative, its unique value is given by what we do while it is passing

Albert Einstein

Perhaps he would sell his 24 hours to Vivo Vintage

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