It is not a loan, but a simple payment extension in 3 interest-free installments.

All you need is a payment card, you can also use your Postepay prepaid card and you don't need a pay slip.

You pay the first installment at the time of the order, which will be confirmed in 3 minutes, we will send your bag immediately while you pay the installments comfortably

Are you ready?

Let's begin!

My favorite bags are the Gucci Marmont so I had to choose her :D

I take this opportunity to tell you that all our bags are carefully sanitized by our Teresa (if you don't know her you will find her in the WHO WE ARE section), for the more fussy ones, like me and like you, you can add the OZONE TREATMENT during checkout .

With the ozone, all traces that the previous owner left on the bag will disappear, the bag will bring with it freshness and a good scent of....... surprise! you will find out only when you receive it.

now all you have to do is choose your favorite bag in our collection CLICK HERE

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