I've always been a lover of vintage, of bags found in dusty wardrobes, flea markets and thrift shops, but this great passion has always been at odds with a trait of my personality that unfortunately makes me experience an existential conflict. Used and dirty can't fit in the same sentence! Just the thought of dirt gives me hives. I see germs everywhere like Napisan and that's why I've made my "neurosis" my work practice. Every time I send you a bag I ask myself: “How would I like to receive it? Answer: “Definitely clean and sanitized.”

Every day you offer us hundreds of used bags. Following our selection criteria we buy a minimal part (we prefer to speed everything up by avoiding the consignment) based on tastes, conditions, originality and clearly resale. Once the agreement is found and paid, we send the courier to collect them. From there we begin to wait for them like Sunday's daisy after a week on a diet.

Once you arrive, the phase begins on which I could write a treatise on advanced psychology. Based on how your bags arrive, in fact, I could do a psychological profile worthy of an FBI profiler. The types of personalities that emerge range along an axis that sees on one side the obsessive compulsive who would put scotch even on the courier's van and on the other the one who instead would put the stamp on the bag and write our address on the flap . Between these extremes flows the sea.

Over time in the bags I have found: lighters, money, identity cards, debit cards, condoms, tampons, love letters, hot messages and a thousand other memories that if I wrote a book I would climb the charts as fast as Giulia De Lellis.

Now, if you're a bit picky, just know that already for this reclamation work I'm doing for you, you should love me. In fact, know that when you choose one of our used bags, you can be serene that it has been inspected as if you were a bomb squad or a member of the cis of parma!

Having said that, I would like to be able to fulfill your entire wish list of used luxury bags, but I know that I don't always have the possibility to do so, but if you have the patience to read me a bit I will give you some useful advice for cleaning the one you will buy elsewhere.

I already tell you that maybe you won't have all my means, but it doesn't matter, use what you have and for sure you'll do great!


First things first, the first thing I do when I open a bag is to use my beloved yellow submarine that you see in the picture. My compressor friend! You may be wondering why I use this, as there is nothing to puff up in a vintage shop like ours. You're right, we don't inflate anything, but it's essential for us! Thanks to the powerful air jet of the compressor we are able to remove the dust from the most broken points ... (we understood each other in short) of the bags such as corners, insides of the pockets and seams, thanks to this operation they are freed from all the remnants of the past years! This action is closely related to the second one:


Once you're done with the compressor, the Ryan Gosling of home appliances kicks in: THE DYSON,

My girls, if you want to improve your quality of life, give yourself this gift. Even my son Angelo uses it with ease. I know it will seem like a miracle to you that a man uses an appliance that is not a razor, but believe me! I have proof if needed.

Ok let's get back to series. What is it for? Here the answer is obvious: to suck up everything that the previous owners had left inside. From the breadcrumbs of 2007 to the remnants of tobacco or the like from their mischievous evenings. Now the bag is free of any foreign body, but it almost always stays there my worst enemy: THE SMELL! 

Here's how I fight it.

After several minutes up to this point (girls, believe me, it's a lot of work) these products enter the scene for the sanitation real. After 7 years of experience and continuous research, I give you my personal opinion recommending one of these two. I personally adore the one with white musk that we have also given away to some loyal customers, but the other one has also given us great satisfaction. What distinguishes them from ordinary deodorants? These that I recommend are bacteriological sanitizing products (clinically tested) that do not cover the odors, but eliminate them thanks to the specific characteristics. I can assure you that 9 times out of 10 the result is truly excellent.

I'll close with a gem of which I'm extremely jealous, but if you've made it this far, you deserve a prize! This is my favorite moisturizer! Of course I'm not talking about the personal one (for me I spend much less. I swear) but about the one I use when I have your future leather bags in my hands. Those who have been following us for years know our thoughts: The leather of the bags must be hydrated from time to time to keep it from losing its shine and this is the best cream I've tried so far.

 Where to buy it? ON THE INTERNET, don't make me an influencer at 58! You will undoubtedly find it!

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