I left you some time to dispose of pastries and Easter eggs but it's time again BLOG !

Have you already read about MIU MIU, PATRIZIA and COCO? Don't tell me no, we have also thought of the video version for the lazy ones so you have no more excuses!

And after this article you won't have SOOOOOOO high ones ATTENTION

TODAY WE TALK ABOUT US and by "WE" I mean the Vintagini here in the office + YOU!

According to advanced psychology and neuroscience studies conducted by Cinzia and Angelo, love stories are cultivated with COMMUNICATION and therefore the time has come to talk to US and draw up the list of FOREVER and NEVER AGAIN!


As Angelo likes to say: "we are Vintage even in the pleasantries"! and therefore we love to start conversations with HELLO/HELLO/GOOD MORNING and similar ... if you add a heart it would be the best but Angelo's middle name is the last of the Romantics so feel free to postpone the emoticons.


We know very well that the sight of marvelous BAGS and, above all, WORN BY ME, confuses the sight and the senses but before you get angry if the gem in question is sold (and I'm not talking about me) check that the photo does not date back to the BC or that it does not say SOLD.

NB: we do not put prices so we try to make you want to go on our own SITE (YES WE HAVE ONE!!!!) and we force you to write to us to have a chat (which remains our favorite thing!)


I repeat! We're not just on Instagram vintage!

We are also up Facebook , Pinterest , Linkedin , Telegram and, ESPECIALLY, on !

We spend nights and holidays studying alternative and ingenious ways to find the bag and the accessory of dreams for each of you but, apart from Gucci Marmont and the Speedy Vuitton that you still can't catch, we have hundreds of BAGS loaded on our SITE complete with detailed photos, measurements (which I advise you to always take because I am a pocket Venus, you maybe on a human scale!), prices and DIRECTLY PURCHASABLE so always keep an eye on it!!!


You know the herd of wildebeest trampling Mufasa?

Here, the BROADCAST LIST reaches peaks of the same drama.

Simona is Mufasa: have mercy on her as, I know you, feed her for that lion!

For those who still don't know what it is, the BROADCAST LIST is the fast track for Il Paese delle Borsaviglie and


just write your Name and Surname to 346 7350973

Since we believe in democratic luxury, these lists start to get crowded while the bag is only one so we would like to wait for the nail polish to dry, your boss to leave the room or your husband to fall asleep but there is always a Vintagina ready to say MIA before you!


Sometimes we eat and sleep too! We may not answer you at two o'clock (both during the day and at night). The whatsapp number is always the one above and, thanks to pc and mobile phone, Cinzia and Simona are always on point, YOU SHOULD SEE THEM AT WORK WITH GLASSES AND SLIPPERS!! They try to answer all of them with the utmost care and precision.

If you've sent detailed photos of the bags you want to sell and it's been a few days, don't worry: Cinzia is at work and is studying the proposal that can make you happier!

We know that giving those pieces of heart away can be a pain so follow the negotiation in the most delicate and professional way possible.

And I'm not talking about your Alviero Martini, I don't want to see those!!!!


We only deal in USED ORIGINALS and we have had so much experience in the field and in Angelo's crises that we know how to recognize fakes from afar and we spend good money (which Angelo discounts by the bundle) on an artificial intelligence that only confirms that he is a professional of the sector!

You are buying a bag that has been verified provenance, life, death and miracles!

Before being yours, she was another woman's faithful companion and that's the beauty of it, that gives her value. Our motto is "GIVE THINGS NEW LIFE" so don't do like Martina: those discolored corners make the bag precious. For the perfect ones there is the boutique, for the magical ones there is US!

We are here for YOU Vintagine but WE ARE HUMAN.

We may make mistakes or fail to meet you because thanks to you we are growing and the family is expanding.

Despite the fact that you are more and more - and we don't know how to say THANK YOU for this - you are not just numbers!

You are Barbara, Alessandra, Monia, Daniela... and it is with you that the Vivo vintage puzzle is completed.

You are not just buying an item, you are the "good morning", the "how are you?", the "I want to get myself a present", "this is just what I was looking for!"

We are your dream makers and, for MIRACLES... WE ARE GETTING EQUIPPED!!!

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