Prepare the draining herbal teas and make yourself comfortable Ladies,

the moment is cathartic: right today and right here - in your now favorite BLOG (right???) - we are preparing to debunk a MYTH:

that sad brown leather bag I found in my grandmother's trunk IS VINTAGE or NOT?

Before giving you the solution, an explanation is needed (... and those two or three anecdotes that I'm dying to tell you!); yes because I have to give you some bad news Sisters: it is not enough to buy the bag from five collections ago to give yourself the airs of a Vintage lover, you have to earn your VINTAGE title!

Let me also clarify that, here at VIVO VINTAGE, before being Vintage Addicted we are Bag Addicted ... or rather Bag Obsessed!

Reason why HERE you will not only find the vintage bags covered on the subject, but you will also find brand new ones, never used ones, the latest collection, used ones but in excellent condition, very used ones but in excellent condition, etc.

We love and want them all (or almost .. Liu Jo please no, and not even Alviero Martini, Armani Jeans and the like ..) so, if you are thinking of selling yours, propose it to us and if you are thinking of buying one 'other CLICK HERE !

Anyway, put the water to boil and let's start with the basics.

The Mercatini&Co of the third Sunday of the month that you like so much see the light at the end of the 60s, more or less when that nice rogue Andy Warhol brings into vogue the art of recovery and the Flower Children - nonconformists, rebels and little sympathizers soap and water - they began to prefer reuse and to snub stylists and brands instead choosing a style of their own (and let's leave them girls: flared jeans only if you reach 1.80m and are a natural blonde).

CHICCA TIME: the first second-hand shop opens its doors in 1965 in New York and is baptized by Harriet Love "Vintage Chic".

But, let's face it, the Vintage we've talked about so far of Chic had very little, to say nothing: felted coats and half-broken accessories aren't really our favorite thing

(if they are, you are what Manu calls a LANACOTTA ... and here Manu speaks: even if you cried all your tears with “Call me Anna” immediately throw away those striped socks!).

The Vintage we like is the one that derives from the Latin vendēmia: the one made of objects, clothes and accessories that are at least 20 years old but which in these two decades have acquired value and not mold, just like good wine does.

In short, icons already of their time otherwise we are not talking about OLD BUT GOLD (literally translated: old but golden) but only about OLD.

SECOND TIME GEM: this Vintage here takes shape in the 90s and one of the finest examples is given to us by Julia Roberts in 2001. Pretty Woman receives the Oscar Award for the film "Erin Brokovich" wrapped in a wonderful Valentino dress worn for 8 years first from our local Most loved by Italians (alias Lorella Cuccarini) no less than on the stage of the Ariston in Sanremo!!!

(I read this cool stuff on the web but, mind you, for us Divas - me and Roberts - it's worth the Cit. and not the copy!)

All this to tell you what we care about - by now we can tell each other - VINTAGE ???

In order more or less like this:

- that that famous little bag at the beginning of the article isn't VINTAGE, it's OLD and that if it's not a memory your heart cares about, your closet doesn't care either so THROW IT OUT!!!

- that that top case you found in the mid-article market isn't the unobtainable vintage piece that ommioddioowow but that doesn't mean it can't be a fantastic accessory to wear with pride

- that if you decide to buy it, be careful how you combine it: a nice leather bag can give you that languid and retro air of a sexy French girl who loves reading but if you go too far with a vintage dress and vintage coat, you look like Grandma Granny and nothing more Lolita.

If you are still not sure you have understood the concept or you need clarification, you can always write to us on 346 7350973.

There you find Cinzia, you can show her all your shoulder bags, shoulder bags, trunks, buckets, etc.: she will evaluate you and you can decide whether to keep her or give her up for adoption, then we will find another mother for her.

PS: if you've already sent her photos and she hasn't replied yet, don't think she forgot about you, only these options are possible: she's gently discarding the bags bequeathed by unloving grandmothers, she's studying the best offer of purchase, is withdrawing those wonders that you then YOU CAN BUY HERE .

The herbal tea is over, see you next week Friends and... I anticipate you, Saturday it will be better to prepare the Champagne!

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